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Would You Enrol at the Moz Academy?


For a business that started out educating and teaching people in their community about search engine optimisation, social media marketing, it is pretty logical for Moz, once called SEOMoz, to start its own academy.



When asked why they built their own inbound marketing school, Moz says:


"Moz Academy gives subscribers the power to be better marketers, which will enable them to use our products in more depth and with greater confidence. We want to provide a hub of marketing knowledge that will create a stronger community where people can teach each other while using the Academy as a frame of reference."


Enrolling in their academy is simple and can be done in six steps. Their announcement regarding the launch of the Academy has these steps in detail. The current lessons available right now on their Academy are:


·      Inbound Marketing

·      Search Engine Optimisation

·      Link Building

·      Social Media

·      Content Marketing


Their academy will be subscription-based content. So for you to access their pool of knowledge, you have to subscribe to Moz Academy. Although you can probably skim through their blog for information, Moz says that the information you will get from the Academy will be easily digestible. This means straight facts you need to know.


Right now the company has more plans on sharing more lessons regarding local SEO, video marketing, community management, web analytics, and email marketing.


Moz has already established itself as a great source of information about today’s marketing strategies. With the launching of Moz Academy, hopefully more individuals, including small business owners, can learn the ropes of online marketing.



Apart for their Beginner’s Guide to SEO, the Moz Academy will surely present itself as another great learning resource for beginners and experts alike. Get your company’s website at par with the rest of the world through social media marketing, SEO, PPC, and outstanding web design and development. Contact us today for a free quote.


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