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Why "We Love Us" Writing Style Doesn't Work

It would be logical to think that your website should feature and advertise each and every product and service your company offers. The time you have devoted to studying each product intricacy, uniqueselling-point, and even point of differentiation can easily come out in writing for your website’s content and this is something you should control.
The problem with writing inwardly is that nobody cares. Customers won’t have time to know all about the features of your products, the materials used, the colours, and even the price if you create a need for them to know. Your target market will always be busier on something else that may improve their quality of living. To develop a wel-written, high quality website, you need to answer one simple question 
your customers and readers will ask: “What’s in it for me?”
Writing Outwardly for Readers
Usually, web pages are written with 80% product feature and 20% benefits but nothing about what the readers will get. To change this, here are three tips from Smashing Magazine to help you write with an outward approach.
1. Focus on an experience for your target market. Whether you are writing to appeal to other businesses, homeowners, or individuals, giving them an experience possible through your product will keep your content targeted. This will prevent you from writing “everything for everyone” messages that will not get anything done.
2. The purpose of creating content for high-level pages is to get your readers interested in the product. Once you have established that, it would be easier to feed more information since they will be craving for it. Don’t bombard your readers with boring facts at the start of your content because that will just bored them. Instead, let them image experiences that they want out of your product.
3. Setting a “word limit” to enforce discipline. Apart from that, it also lessens the anxiety of determining how to approach individual product page, thus reducing one of the biggest causes of delays in web development projects.
Some example sentences that illustrate these are:
• “Become an amazing web designer.”
• “No hassles, no tests.”
• “Start earning real money.”
Here are some last minutes tips for writing outwardly:
1. Before you start writing anything, ask for feedback from your prospects and current customers. Knowing the reasons why and why they don’t buy your products and what not will help you write a better experience for them.
2. Start with an outline. Make sure that you give every feature a benefit and every benefit with an experience.
3. Have a customer read a draft and have them explain to you why they want to buy the product. If the customer understands your copy, then that’s a good sign. And if you have it read by a person who knows nothing about your product and industry and gets it, you’ve done very well.
Make sure your website don’t read “We Love Us” the next time a customer reaches your website. Contact us for more information on how you can write web content that speaks well to your customers.

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