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What Should I Outsource?


Chief financial officer (CFO), accountant, human resources – those are the three functions you should outsource for your startup business according to Forbes.com.  The need to outsource these functions arises from the possibility that there is a knowledge gap within the ecosystem of your company that should be filled up.  While your core group may be good at the technical and creative side of the business, you need the support of professionals who can handle internal tasks such as financial management, recruitment, and even accounting.



But what if you’re not a start-up company?  What if you’ve already acquired professionals to do all of these jobs in-house?  What other possible tasks can you outsource to further improve your business?

As companies start to take up online marketing, business owners have to realize the importance of having a website and the works.  Today, having a website alone that presents valuable information about the company is not even enough to have a strong online presence that catches the attention of possible customers and partners.


So once you’re done with acquiring CFO, human resources, and accountants you might want to consider outsourcing these digital products that could further improve your business, gain more customers, and even create a loyal fan base for your company.


1.       Web development and design


Web development and design is a highly technical service that not anyone who knows how to make a computer work knows how to do.  It’s a science. It’s an art.  It requires professionals who are experienced in PHP web development, HTML, CSS, and the aesthetics of website design.  If you don’t want to invest in an in-house team of web developers and designers, then opt to outsource instead.



This is one of the most popular outsourced services because of the many benefits it brings companies.  It is cost-effective and can offer a prompt output.  Apart from that, your website will be handled by expert developers and designers capable of developing custom website solutions, including e-commerce and other services depending on your needs.



2.       Creative solutions


An engaging, well developed, and beautifully designed website won’t make a visitors stay for a long time unless it has compelling and interesting content.  Content creation is a serious task that businesses should understand.  Google, the most prominent (and probably most powerful) search engine, has tightened the rules against poor quality content that doesn’t bring readers any bit of valuable information.


If you have a team of experts were willing to write content, update blogs, and the active on writing useful content, then you probably won’t need to outsource content creation.  But if you don’t have enough resources to hire an in-house team of writers, then outsourcing it would be a wise choice.



There are a lot of outsourced services your company can try in higher to improve your business would you have to understand that there are risks involved would outsourcing.  Always remember, before hiring an outsourcing company make sure they (1) understand your objectives and goals, (2) are experienced in providing the services you’re looking for, (3) have a portfolio of their past projects, and (4) are transparent enough to allow you to contact their previous clients.



Whether or not you have a start-up company, considering outsourcing certain products and services is not a bad idea as allot as you have done your research.  Outsourcing web development and design, as well as content creation are just two of the options you shouldn’t forget.


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