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What is Flash Video Marketing?


Most of us surfing on the Internet would like to see something first before we are forced to read. While a majority of the websites around the world is still using plenty of static images and texts, a good number of websites are turning to animated Flash videos. Apart from the numerous benefits it can bring your business, having one for your website can easily separate you from the rest.


What is Flash Video Marketing? | Buzz Outsource


Around 81% of Internet users around the world watch online videos on a regular basis. Videos have already gained acceptance on the web and it might even soon be an expectation for businesses with a website. YouTube alone generates over 2 billion views each day and is today’s second most popular search engine. This stresses the fact that videos are being viewed making it important for your business to have a presence there.


While there are many ways to create videos, one of the popularly used video production methods is through the use of Flash. Here are some of the benefits of Flash video marketing:

Low cost – Flash video production is a lot affordable than other traditional forms of marketing such as newspapers, magazines, billboards, and on yellow pages. The total cost may vary depending on your objectives and specific Flash video requirements.


Highly contagious – Flash videos with the right mix of elements can make it go viral. When this happens, viewers themselves will share your video to their own network through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and other Internet sharing sites.

Source of knowledge – You have the opportunity to educate your viewers with useful information through Flash videos. If done correctly, customers will view you as a trusted expert on your niche.

Improved SERP ranking – Thanks to Google’s Universal Search, videos are likely to rank fast and high on search engine results. This means more opportunities of being seen by prospects.


Emotional impact – Using music, a compelling story line, and images, your Flash marketing video can trigger certain emotions and affect your viewers’ buying decisions.

Sticky appeal – Flash videos can increase the amount of time viewers stay on your website and improve its Analytics.


Animated Flash videos are fast becoming the favorite marketing medium of businesses today simply because they are easy to produce yet effective enough to make a viral impact. Animated Flash videos have the potential to create brand awareness and strength to convert your viewers into customers. Finding the right Flash video marketing company is key to making it all possible.


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