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3 New Year’s Resolution for Online Businesses


Have you been trying to list down your personal New Year’s resolution list? Have you ever stayed faithful to your previous lists throughout the year? All of us has tried and failed with our lists but don’t do the same for your company’s New Year’s Resolution list! This should be a good idea to kick start your year 2013.



Grab the opportunity to give your company a boost as its personal digital marketer. Own 2013 for you and your company by adding these 3 items on your resolutions list! It’s never too late to have these simple tasks adopted into your daily routine.


1. Blog more frequently


Believe it or not, we are all in the content business now. SEO is simply not enough if you want to come out on top. For your business to get noticed, you need to frequently update your blog with information that matters to you and your potential clients.


Try writing in your specific niche, reach out to other bloggers in the same industry, and create a network of loyal readers. Blogs can also be used to create a relationship with your readers. Remember that content is king so whatever happens, make sure your blog posts are reliable, unique, timely, and most importantly, provides your readers information they need.


2. Create a social media buzz


Correctly represent your company online through social media. Clean up your social media accounts of posts and other updates that aren’t really necessary or are no longer relevant. Invite your fans to free events or to join a simple contest to engage users. Post relevant photos that give your business a positive impact and avoid posting images that may come out offensive to other people.


Being active on Facebook and Twitter can help you connect with your loyal fans and find out what they really want with your business.


3. Continue learning


Internet marketing is always evolving so never stop learning through different resources to improve the online presence of your business. Some people officially make a living out of online marketing so there would certainly be avenues of learning available to you. Learning tricks of the trade from other professionals can help you develop your own style and technique to improve your online marketing skills.


Blogging regularly, creating social buzz, and continuing to learn about online marketing are simple steps with great effects when done correctly. Achieving a certain level of success with this and it is bound to have a good effect on your search engine optimization.


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