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The Possible Benefits of Using Rel="Author"

Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, has released a new video talking about the potentials of using rel="author" structured data and how it can help Google and the rest of its web spam team to help improve the quality of search results it returns.





In the video, he explains that the web is used to being anonymous but moving into a web with identity can help Google Understand the trust and authority of a person writing that specific piece of information. This attribute can help Google identify a spammer from an author who has a lot of credibility and authority.



An example that Matt Cutts gave was if Danny Sullivan, who is the founding editor of SearchEngineLand.com, writes something in a forum with low PageRank, Google might consider the post he has written with more authority, despite it being written on a forum/domain with low PageRank.



You can watch Matt Cutt’s video about the rel="author" attribute here.



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