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The Benefits of Welcoming Guest Bloggers


Many have said that content is king and many webmasters and SEO have tried to use guest blogging as a strategy to improve their website’s rank. But despite its fame, the guest blogging strategy has a lot of critics because of its time consuming and possibly spammy nature. Some have even strongly advised not to use it at all. However there must be a reason for its fame, continued practice, and why many webmasters are still entertaining guest writers into their site. That is what we are about to share with you today.



For a guest blogger, it can be time consuming to look for prospects, get approved, and finish the writing process of the blog itself; however, for the party at the other end of the process, the webmasters, it’s easier. Here are just some of the benefits of welcoming guest bloggers to your blog.


Exposure and More Content


When a blog gets published on your website, the author and the company it represents will not only receive exposure from your audience, but your website to their audience as well. Exposure happens for both you and your guest writer. This also helps you been seen as an authority in the industry. Apart from that, you are easily able to fill up your website with meaningful and relevant content without sweat.


Inbound Links


Often times, the reason bloggers want to try guest posting is to increase their traffic. Guest bloggers will often announce that they have a new post with another website and drop a link from their website to yours. This will increase the number of inbound links leading to your website and drive more traffic to it.


Social Media Growth


Free promotion is what you get with accepting guest blogs and that is through social media. After having their post published in your blog, they will advertise it in their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. These websites promote sharing among people from the same niche and help promote social media growth.




With more people posting on your site, you are increasing your network of connections. Some of their audience might even contact you for other business opportunities. Apart from that, you can use networking to find other bloggers to write for your site who you think can drive more traffic into your site.


Reaching out to bloggers is not a bad idea if you want to start trying accepting guest blogs. You can also create a new page on your site specially created for this purpose. If you are interested in improving the traffic of your website, build more connections, get more exposure, and more great content, then guest blogging might just be your ticket to success.


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