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The 2013 Conversion Prism

If you think the world of social media mainly gravitates towards Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest, think again. The social media landscape is larger than you think and thanks to Brian Solis and JESS3, a visual representation of just how comprehensive it is can be downloaded and it’s called The Conversion Prism.


First developed in 2008 by Solis, The Conversion Prism is a visual map of the social media landscape. Different social networks are organised according to how they are used on a day-to-day basis.


According to its website, you can use it in a number of ways including:


·         Show your executive team that social media is not a fad and that it’s bigger than Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest

·         Share with your team to motivate them on new ways to think about social media Celebrate that you’re on the map!

·         Study the landscape as you plan your next social media strategy

·         Show the world that you appreciate art Give as gifts to everyone you know who loves social media or who needs to learn to love it


Here’s the 2013 Conversion Prism



As you can see, the updated prism has additional four categories with at least six brands in each. Channels have also been added including photos, music, and social curation. Solis says: “Things are changing so fast.”


“We don’t even realize [the landscape] is changing,” he added.


Here’s the past three versions from year 2008, 2009, and 2010.





Get the full poster at The Conversion Prism website.


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