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Site Ranking Won’t Drop If Its Goes Down For Short Period of Time


For this week, Google’s head of Webspam, Matt Cutts, answers a questions from Sally asking:


“I got a ‘Googlebot can’t access your site’ message in Webmasters Tools from my hosting being down for a day. Does it affect my rankings when this happens?”



In a video, Cutts explains the consequences of a websites going offline and how it can impact a website’s ranking in Google’s search results.


According to Cutts, a site that does down temporary or only for a short period of time, such as less than 24 hours, will not be affected negatively and that it should be down. However if the website is down for more than 48 hours or even weeks, the site might get delisted from Google’s search results temporarily.


The logic behind this is that Google does not want to return results or websites that are down to users. For webmasters with websites registered with Google Webmasters Tools, they should receive a notification or a message from Google if their website goes offline. The message is somewhat similar to the ‘Googlebot can’t access’ your site. This will help ensure that your website is online most of the time.


You can watch the full video of Matt explaining the consequences of a website going offline here.


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