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Red Flags To Look Out For When Hiring SEO or Web Dev


You may be the owner of a very successful commerce website you started 12 years ago. You literally built the website from the ground up and relied on just yourself to turn it from a struggling online presence into a marketing and sales giant.  Many people are posting good reviews about you on Google+. Your email is receiving endless inquiries about your brand and service. You have a loyal customer base.  


Be aware of the warning signs when looking for SEO or Web Development companies to hire


You also started to receive emails about how your website looks dated. You realize that it’s time to refresh the design and update the brand. Without any help from the beginning, your website statistics looks great. You have a page rank of 5 and have a good number of healthy back links. You then send out word that your company is looking for SEO and Web development.


You come up with a plan to revitalize your website, even reaching the point where you mock-up the design using Photoshop. The service you provide is big ticket and based on discussions with the local chamber of commerce, ROI may only be five new clients.  The cost for your planned website is at $50,000 – a considerable amount for any reputable SEO and Web development company.  Now that you’re interfacing with these companies, what red flags should you look out for? Search Engine Watch offers these tips:


Companies that delve in Black Hat SEO

10,000 links in a short span of time will cost your website tedious link audit and disavow requests. In reality, no SEO company can claim to build that many links in a short amount of time without resulting to black hat practices.  Avoid such companies who promise you the stars and the moon as SEO takes time to work effectively.


Web development sweatshop

A company that promises you to have a website done within three days is probably giving you bullshit. Hit the delete button if you receive such proposals. 


Your meeting with the SEO or web development company is going smooth. You reach the point where you ask for references. Avoid companies if they tell you the following:


“I’ll email you the links” – they could easily email you the links especially when the computer is in front of them.


“We had to take down some because of payment disputes. How about I call your admin assistant with the info?” – If they can’t show it, chances are they will not be sending anything.


There are SEO and web development companies who look very polished and professional, but somehow, you feel that something doesn’t add up.  Their SEO and web development managers might be assuring you about every aspect of their service and yet they fail to give you a satisfying response about the word “canonical”.


Be sure to ask questions that matter to your site and know the information about it too. If they cannot give you a definitive answer chances are they do not know anything about it. You’ll know if they’re spinning you around if they beat around the bush or give a completely different answer. 


Some companies might look all shiny on the outside but in reality, they’re just out to get your money. While we’re not saying that most put together companies are a sham, it pays to be prepared when talking to companies about soliciting their services. In summary you should keep in mind the following when on the lookout for SEO or web development companies:


1. It’s always good to consult a colleague or friend who has undertaken the redesign and rebranding process in the past

2. Be on the look out for things that can go wrong; because they will

3. Be sure to request references of past clients and request to review their work

4. Asking business communities or groups for reputable SEO, web development or internet marketing companies

5. Make sure to have basic understanding of the answers to the questions you will be asking

6. Set goals and benchmarks and ask for deliverables on a scheduled timeline

7. Learn about the work they will be undertaking instead of believing their claim to “make you #1 on Google”

8. If they seem too good to be true about their special guarantee for rankings, be concerned about transacting with them.


With SEO, Web development and internet marketing becoming important services today you should be able to find companies that are professional and reliable.  What steps did you take to find reliable SEO and web development services? Tell us


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