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Predictions for 2013: Top 4 Web Design Trends


In an industry that constantly changes, web designers have to be aware of the latest web design trends that arise because of today’s current needs. In the year before, the spotlight of many web design trends centred on idea of having media capabilities. So for the incoming 2013, what trends can we expect to see on many websites?


Right now, we can predict that by 2013, the newest trends on the industry will focus on having innovative yet stylish looks while improved website usability. So we are giving you our prediction of the top four web design trends to expect in the next year.


1. Responsive Web Design


We are confident that this prediction will come true when you start seeing different mobile platforms that can browse the Internet, whether it is a smartphone, a desktop, laptop, and a tablet. Responsive web design is crucial for businesses that aim to be seen and represented perfectly on any platform. It’s important for websites to work correctly no matter what resolution is being used by the viewer because it can affect their visit on your website. We have a separate blog post with more details and stats about responsive web design.


2. Facebook Integration


With social media becoming an important factor in many websites, Facebook is one social media tool you shouldn’t forget. With more than a billion users, Facebook can be used for commenting, sharing pages, and increasing exposure to more people. This is probably more suitable for e-commerce websites.


3. Single Page Layout


Due to the CSS3 and HTML5 revolution, many changes have made it possible for single page website layout. jQuery has evolved to something which could possibly phase out Flash. Animation is a lot smoother with CSS3 and HTML5 and the result looks beautiful and awesome. However, dynamic single page websites might not be the first choice of corporate websites. They might, however, appeal to artists with portfolios and to individuals wanting a personal website.


4. Vertical and Parallax Scrolling


When it comes to scrolling websites, vertical and parallax scrolling might be the top choices. Vertical scrolling allows users to scroll down the website with the navigation bar moving down as well. This makes scrolling a lot easier. Parallax scrolling has already been present in the industry but they were mainly used for video games. Now, they’re entering the world of website development and design.


These predictions might change in time yet by 2013, you should at least know how to develop websites with these features in mind. Tell me what your predictions are.


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