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Pinterest for Businesses is Now Available


Pinterest is on the move to widening its reach through the launch of its newest feature – Pinterest for businesses. That’s right! Businesses can now have a Pinterest account under their business name.

This would enable companies to build a community of followers who can actively interact with the company through repining pictures. And the first step to achieving the benefits of pinning for your business starts with converting your personal account into a business account.




How to Get a Business Account on Pinterest?


Assuming you already have a personal account, you simple have to hover your mouse on the “About” tab and a drop down menu should appear then click “For Business.” Once the new page loads, it will ask you to “Convert your existing account.” If you need a little more information or persuasion regarding this, it wouldn’t hurt to watch its tutorials and information just below the page.


The following page will ask your about details of your business and ask for a company description, a logo, URL, and others. To verify the website you gave, they will ask you to upload an HTML code that verifies your website to Pinterest. There are a lot of guide on how you can do this.


After uploading the file, go back to Pinterest and click on the “verify site” link so Pinterest would know if everything was done correctly. You now have a certified business account on Pinterest. But if you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, you can simply sign up as a business entity.




Pinterest offers new useful tools to help business reach out to customers in an engaging way. It also has a set of brand guidelines to guide businesses in making their Pinterest accounts flourish. One feature is the ‘Pin It’ button. This button on your website will allow people to pin pictures and even videos from your website to their own boards. You can also have a new board widget added wherein you can invite people to follow you board.


A “Follow” button will also become available on your website. Pretty much like the “Like” button of Facebook and “Follow” button of Twitter.


But it isn’t about the money. According to Cat Lee, the new features of Pinterest have “nothing to do with monetization or business model. We know that we do introduce a business model, we definitely want to design it in a way that makes the user experience better, but this announcement is just about taking that first step.”


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