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Microsoft Joins the Tablet Arena with Surface


A new challenger has arrived in the tablet arena and it’s about to get more competitive. Last Monday night at a press event at Los Angeles, Microsoft unveiled its new line of tablet devices said to run on the newest Windows operating system.


Welcome Surface, a Windows tablet.


Microsoft's Surface Tablet


Microsoft’s Surface Tablet comes in two versions. The first Surface version operates with an ARM processor featuring Windows RT, and the second version has an Inter processor featuring Windows 8 Pro. Microsoft describes Surface as a reimaging of the tablet.


The Specs


The Surface Tablet is ultra-thin at 9.3mm for the Windows RT version, and 13.5mm for the Windows 8 Pro version. Unlike its counterparts, Surface features two full size USB ports plus a Micro SD port on the side of the RT version and microSDXC port for the Pro version.  This makes data sharing easier like transferring pictures from your digital camera.


Microsoft's Surface tablet sideview


When it comes to screen size, you’ll get 10.6 inch 16:9 widescreen ClearType HD display screen for the RT version and ClearType display with full HD on the Pro version. It is made of Gorilla Glass 2, the best of its kind today, to prevent breaks and scratches from happening in case of a handling mishap.


Surface is made with a full magnesium case, which Microsoft calls VaporMg (pronounced as “Vapor mag”), 22 degree bevelled edges, and weighs less than 1.5 pounds for the RT version and less than 2 pounds for the Pro version. According to Steven Sinofsky, users can expect to have the best WiFi reception with its dual 2x2 antennas. Moreover, it has a built-in stand at the back that provides the best screen angle for watching videos or typing.


Full Multitouch Keyboard


Along with the announcement of Surface, Microsoft also unveiled accessories of the Surface Tablet. Once is the Surface TouchCover which contains an integrated multitouch keyboard. Sinofsky said, “typing is twice as efficient as typing on glass.” This cover, which is measures less than 3mm, folds out to reveal a full keyboard. The other cover option is called the TypeCover which is 5mm thick and that features Metro keys and a track pad. The Surface TouchCover and TypeCover complete the Surface line and are available in multiple colors.




Up until today, Microsoft has not released prices for both the Surface on Windows RT and Windows 8 versions. With this new era of mobile computing device, consumers can expect to have “comparable” pricing to other 32 and 64 GB ARM tablets. The Windows 8 Pro Surface Tablet will be available in 64 and 128 GB versions.


Although there is no firm ship date announced, the company said that the Pro Surface version will be available three months after the release of RT.


With all the hype around this new gadget, would it be able to live up to expectations? Stay tuned to find out more information, here on Buzz Outsource.


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