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Make Every Site Visit Count with Conversion Rate Optimization


Image having a 24/7 salesperson working hard to gain you new leads, build rapport to your customers, and even successfully closing deals. Now every business would like to have one of these and it’s amazing how you might already have one. Your website can be your non-stop, commission and salary-free digital salesperson ready to convert every visitor that drops by your website to a purchasing and loyal customer.




How can I do that?


With the rising costs of advertising, it’s wise to use what you already have today and start optimizing it in more ways than one. Apart from search engine optimization and the use of social media, let’s talk about the possibilities of Conversion Rate Optimization, or otherwise known as CRO, for your business.


Define: Conversion Rate Optimization


As defined by Andrew B. King in his book, Website Optimization, conversion rate optimization is


“the art and science of persuading your site visitors to take actions that benefit you, by making   a purchase, offering a donation, or committing to some positive future action.”


In other words, this pertains to the use of various methods that can convince your visitor to take part in an action you want them to do such as filling up a survey form, signing up for your newsletter, or buying a product from your website.


CRO entails the application of different techniques to convert visitors into customers such as credibility-based web design and compelling copywriting. Your landing page is your first chance to keep and persuade your prospects and by carefully planning, designing, and optimizing your website, you are ensured of a more efficient sales tool open and functional, 365 days a year.


What’s in it for me?


Conversion Rate Optimization can transform your website into a robust persuasion machine. This website optimization technique uses credibility-based web design and benefit-oriented convincing copywriting to make your prospects accept your message and fulfil your requests.


When you have benefit-oriented copywriting that appeals to the emotions and needs of your prospects, it increases their desire. Combining trust-building elements such as third-party badges and customer testimonials, confidence, and credibility-based professional website design, you will convert more visitors into customers.


You can make your website create more quality leads, increase sales, and receive more opt-ins for your business. Here are a few more benefits you can experience once you have a conversion rate optimized website:

  • Receive more sales leads for your sales team

  • Experience an increase in revenues

  • Reduce customer acquisition costs

  • Build a bigger email list with increased "opt-ins"

  • Increased page views for ads

  • Permanent improvement to your web site’s conversion rate

  • Engage more users and visitors


Starting Your Own Campaign


Each website is unique of its needs. This is also the reason why some CRO techniques that worked on one specific website might not necessarily work for you. Starting your own campaign entails discovering your web site’s areas of improvement and the application of various website changes. Testing each change is crucial to knowing whether the changes you made are effective or not.


Studying collected website statistics and interpreting them can help you make smart decisions that further your optimization efforts. From these interpretations, drawing relevant conclusions and devising steps will help you create the most powerful sales and marketing tool you will ever need.


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