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How to Give You Brand Leverage with Google Instant Search

Google has always been an innovative company out to give people the best user experience possible. They have developed a lot of features on their search engine to help users find exactly what they are looking for on the Internet. And one of them is Google’s Instant Search.


Give your brand the boost it needs on Google via the Instant Search functionality


As Google users, we all know how Google suggests search queries even before we’ve finished typing. Have you ever wondered how it does it? Have you ever thought of how it knows which words to pull up as a suggestion?


Signals Google Use for Search Suggestions


Before Google suggests terms while you type, it needs to look for clues or signals which may help it provide accurate suggestions. Here are a few things it looks out for to determining how Google auto completes your query.


Suggestions are based on real searches and query volume
According to Google, anything that is suggested by the search engine comes from real searches. Apart from that, Google also considers terms with high search volumes. As a search string starts to gain volume, it can easily become included as a suggestion.


By region and language

Google is always pro local searches, even when it comes to its suggestions. Location is important. Google uses your location for accuracy, such as province, state, and even city, to produce different suggestions. Moreover, different suggestions will also appear depending on the language setting your browser is using.


Through previously searched items

Personalized suggestions may also appear when you have the Google web history feature activated which has been offered since May 2009. If you have searched the same search strong before, then it may pop up again as a suggestion.


Freshness layer

Google has a factor called the “freshness layer” which is also used as a signal for suggesting terms. “If there are terms that suddenly spike in popularity in the short term, these can appear as suggestions, even if they haven’t gained long-term popularity,” according to this article.


How does Google Instant Search provide leverage for your brand?


Apart from these, Google uses other factors that may influence suggestions. Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz stated in this episode of Whiteboard Friday that, “Google has gotten a lot more sophisticated about this, so you can bet that today they’re probably using things like unique verifiable accounts, independent users.”


For your business to succeed in appearing as a suggested term in Instant Search, you have to do a great job in branding your business.


Fishkin also said that you can do branding naturally through product naming, social sharing, content marketing, and other forms of inbound marketing since this is something you can control and change. He warned people not to use gray and black hat techniques to give their business leverage since Google scrubs results.


Trying to dominate Google Instant Search for your brand or company could be a challenging yet it is possible. It could increase your CTR and drive more traffic on your website. Just make sure you do it the right and white hat way.


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