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LinkedIn Gets An App Makeover for Smartphones and the iPad


The mobile generation is here and companies are on the move to making their websites mobile friendly. And apart from having a mobile version of their websites, companies are also launching apps for smartphones and tablet, just like the new app LinkedIn released this Wednesday.


According to a blog post written by Joff Redfern, LinkedIn’s mobile product head, they’ve given their mobile app a huge update with new mobile features.


For the iPhone and Android, the new LinkedIn app gives users real time notifications such as profile views, shared items on LinkedIn, and more. Also, company pages are now on mobile. And if you’re looking for job listings and other jobs related to yours, you can gain access to it with the new app.



The new LinkedIn on the iPad will now be offered in eight languages. 60% of LinkedIn’s members are actually based outside the US, thus this new feature.  Notifications and company pages are also available for the iPad.



Apart from that, the company happily announced that users will be able to edit their profile using the mobile app soon.  


LinkedIn created a Slideshare to see pictures of these changes.


With all these updates on the LinkedIn app, do you think it would increase their mobile users from 23%? We do see this as a great improvement. A great mobile experience is important nowadays so make sure your company is able to provide the best experience for your users, too!


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