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Latest Social Networking Stats As of September 2012


Today, one social networking site isn’t enough for a person. Now, a single person can juggle between two or five social networking sites in a day. Why is that? Because these sites have different selling points that can be seen as a ‘need’ for others. Now if you think that updating a status on Facebook is enough, some people actually need to tweet and even take a picture on Instagram to share the experience.



Thanks to TheRealTimeReport.com, we’re presenting you the latest social networking stats for this week. If you are wondering just how many members, subscribers, users, and ‘people who have upgraded’ Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and more, then you might find this post useful!


Here are 13 social networking sites with a large number of users.  We’ve arranged it according to the site with the least to the most number of members.


1.       Posterous                           3.9 million users
Posterous is a blogging platform that started in 2008. Now with more than 3.9 million users, the company still seems to be catching with the times. They launched their mobile apps for iPhone and Android phones in 2009 and 2011 respectively.


2.       Pinterest                             11+ million registered users

Pinterest received a lot of hype during its first few months and it was because of many reasons. Its simple design and appealing concept caught the attention of many females, moms, and people in the beauty and fashion industry. Pinterest is still growing.


3.       Tagged                                 20 million unique users

Tagged was one of those websites that started along with MySpace and Friendster. According to its website, it has 300 million members with 20 million monthly visitors. You can find new friends, join groups with the same interest as you do, and much more.


4.       Foursquare                         20+ million users

Check-in to places you go to and have it posted in your chosen social networking site. Foursquare is a website for you and your friends to discover new places.


5.       Tumblr                                  73 million blogs

Tumblr is a micro blogging and social networking site that now has 73 million blogs to date. It was launched in 2007 by David Karp and is continuing to show growth.


6.       Instagram                            100 million users

Instagram started as an iPhone app that allows users to take and post pictures with image filters that enhance the image. The newly acquired Facebook site recently hit the 100 million mark.


7.       Google Plus                        170 million users

Google Plus was once considered the number one competitor of Facebook but the rivalry seem to have calmed leaving Google Plus a ‘ghost town.’ Although the social networking site managed and owned by Google has 170 million users, the site is still alive.


8.       Renren                                 170+ million users

Known as China’s Facebook, this website is popular among many college students. It’s a Chinese social networking service that launched in 2005 by Joseph Chen.


9.       LinkedIn                               175 million members

Want a social networking website catering to professionals of various fields? Look no further because LinkedIn is here. This social networking site provides a way for professionals to connect with likeminded people to expand their business.


10.   Sina Weibo                         300+ million users

Sina Weibo is another Chinese microblogging site that is almost a mix of Twitter and Facebook. Weibo is known as one of the most popular websites in China.


11.   Twitter                                  500+ million users

Through Twitter, users can broadcast a 140-character message to his or her followers and receive tweets from people he or she follows. Classified as a microblogging platform, Twitter has more than 500 million users to date.


12.   Qzone                                   576+ million users

Qzone is a Chinese owned social networking website that allows users to create blog posts, share pictures, keep diaries, and listen to music. This site has many paid services that can further enrich a user’s experience. In 2009, it almost surpassed Facebook and MySpace in China.


13.   Facebook                            955 million users

Launched by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, Facebook is a social networking site with the biggest number of users which is almost a billion. This social networking giant reigns at the top. 


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