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iOS7 is Out!

Earlier this month, Apple has gotten the attention of smartphone users with the release of the new iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. These new phones are the newest additions to the iPhone generation and their release has garnered a lot of mixed reactions. But just yesterday, Apple has officially released the newest phone operating system, the iOS 7. 
The iOS 7 is a complete interface overhaul of the previous iOS design. Despite the graphical redesign of the phone’s operating system, it will still function the same way it did before. Apple wants customers to know in an article written in 9to5mac.com that:
“When a customer calls AppleCare because they do not know how to use a particular function in iOS7, AppleCare is said to be told to explain that although the system looks completely different, it works exactly the same way.”
Major changes you will see in the iOS 7 are the design of the operating system itself, control centre, multitasking features, and iTunes Radio, which will allow you to stream music just like services offered by Spotify and Rdio. AirDrop, which is a function available in OS X is now made available to iOS 7.
Siri also gets an upgrade with the iOS 7. Your personal mobile assistant can now look for content via the web and Bing without launching Safari. It can even help you find Twitter users and content.
Apple’s brand new take on their mobile operating system can easily be downloaded through the Settings option of the phone and click Update, or through iTunes. Clearing up some space for the big upgrade is a good idea since the file is 3 GB large. Apart from that, updating your device and backing up information and data from your phone prevents any possible mishaps while upgrading it.
This complete redesign which happened in a year changed something that took 6 years to make. And although Apple users are divided towards the new look of their device’s OS such as the whitespace, iconography, colour, transparent, and every other aesthetic aspect, the change is no irreversible. Let’s give Apple a few more months to find out whether this change is a hit or a miss.
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