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How to Make Google Reward Your Site with Higher Rankings


Are you searching for effective ways to rank your website higher on Google? There are several ways on how to rank well in search engines and how to make your site appear on the first page of Google.


It's no SEO secret that links are a big factor to improve your rank, create traffic, and increase product awareness. And according to Cyrus Shepard, the year 2012 was actually a brutal year for links as Google suddenly revealed that bad links could create a negative effect to link building. It was really a big confusion to webmasters because at first, SEOs said that bad links couldn't hurt you and that they may not just function well but it wouldn't give you a negative effect. Yes, this is quite confusing.





Here are some things you must know in order to have an effective link building strategy as well as to get rewarded by Google.


Link building through infographics


Infographics explains how inbound marketing works together with content marketing. Now, what is this inbound marketing? It simply means brand content creation in which you create useful and shareable content like blogs, videos, webinars, audio, and eBooks. These contents tend to have big audiences. So basically, infographics are created in order to have wider audiences. So what you must do is create a variety of good human interest content in order for your website to gain attention and obtain a great number of visitors.


Nurturing relationship through guest blogging


Find authoritative websites and blogs in your niche that accept guest posts. If possible, try to find relevant blogs. Think of a good topic to post and create a well-written article. Do not forget to include a back link to the target site. Make sure to follow all the posting rules and requirements. After you finish the content, have it published. After that, don't forget to nurture the relationship with the blog owner for future posts so you can also monitor for when the link goes live and track rankings.


Why use a press release?


A press release is a great way of getting exposure for your website and its products or services. So when you are writing a press release, you have to think of a good topic for a certain type of audience. It's also one way of attracting journalists to spread your website's good news.


Avoid unnatural link warnings


Just a tip, use natural links in link building because they are not easy to measure and no control over anchor text. This is the type that Google seems to reward with higher rankings. If you use unnatural link, then Google will undoubtedly give you an unnatural link warning.


So if you want Google to reward your site, then simply follow this golden rule. You must pursue links you do not have control over the anchor text.  By doing so, your site will be rewarded with higher ranks in no time.


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