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How to Find the Perfect SEO Copywriter


How do you find the perfect copywriter that can provide you with all the creative and original pieces of articles that will get people and Google to notice it? How will you find that person who has the technical and persuasive prowess to write content that gets the sales up every time?



The moment you find that person who seems to have the capability to produce the articles you need, it’s important to never let him or her go but if you still haven’t met that ‘special’ someone, then it might be time for you to train the ‘perfect’ SEO copywriter for yourself.


So if you can’t find one, make one! Here are a few tips you can follow to find the perfect SEO copywriter for your company.


Qualities to Look For in an SEO Copywriter


Not all SEO writers are on equal footing. Some are more experienced than the others while some have the writing skills without knowledge of SEO. So before you mould your own team of perfect SEO copywriters, here are some qualities you should instil on them.


Great command of the language


Training native English speakers to write for SEO should not be a difficult task. SEO writing basically involves the use of basic English that even a kid in grade school should be able to understand. That is because the Internet has a wide array of users and the pages within it must be understandable across all ages.


For outsourced writers, you need to make sure they speak English at an intermediate or collegiate level. This is to ensure that they have a wide vocabulary and are flexible enough to write different kinds of articles with different tones that suit a certain situation. Give your outsourced writers an English test or have them write an essay to check.


Knowledgeable in SEO


Of course, an SEO writer should be knowledgeable with search engine optimization. It’s good if you found a writer with experience in SEO but if you have a writer who has the skills yet does not know a thing or two about SEO, you can always educate them about it. There are many good websites that you can show them as a guide or introduction to SEO. SEOmoz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO is a perfect resource you can give them.


You must remember that SEO is an ever-changing industry so you have to tell them to keep reading about new developments in the SEO world.


Experienced in writing different kinds of materials


A good copywriter should not only know how to write SEO articles, but they also need to learn how to write blogs, press releases, and website content. All of these differ from one another and they call for a certain tone, professional or sometimes friendly.


So make sure you have a copywriter who can write these and more while applying SEO writing principles.




Creativity is a difficult thing to look for in a writer. This is something that can’t really be taught however, you can ‘invoke’ it within your writers. Giving them an idea or training them how to find ideas can help them find topics worth writing about. Although SEO can be a boring topic, your writers should be able to address their writer’s block with a little inspiration from their surroundings.



With Google, content is king and finding the best copywriter is crucial to SEO success. Placing importance on content will get you to places and that’s why it is only logical to invest in an experienced search engine optimization copywriter. So if you can’t find the perfect one or is tired of looking for one, train one.


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