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How to Cure a Writer’s Block


Nowadays, social media is strongly affecting the lives of people. And because of that, we tend to hook ourselves into virtual communities and networks to get connected with other people, meet new friends, bring out information, and discover new things.





Some forms of social media are weblogs, micro-blog, and social blogs. All of these forms are taken generally as blogging so as not to confuse us. A few of us engage into blogging to express our thoughts and ideas and sometimes to bring out information and awareness to other people.


At first glance, you may think that blogging is like writing an essay, which is always presumed as free writing. Yes, that’s actually true. But did you know that blogging is not as easy as what you thought it to be? There are times when bloggers run out of topics to write about. That is what we call the writer’s block. When you experience it, you will surely get pressured. But they say that there are cures for a writer’s block.


First, have some of compassion in writing. Compassion is essential in all forms of writing, may it be a news story, a blog, or an essay. We are writing not only to express our feelings, thoughts, and ideas alone. One more thing, the biggest mistake many writers make is their desire to impress their readers, which is a big no, no. If that’s the case, what should be the greatest purpose of our writing anyway? The answer is simple. We are writing to connect our feelings, thoughts, and ideas with other people. We should relate the ideas of our article to the life experiences of our readers. It is also important to analyse who will be your target readers for a certain article. Through that, writer’s block is cured.


How about an outline for your story? Don’t you know that making an outline for the topic you are going to write is a sure way to cure a writer’s block? This is tested and proven by a lot of writers and bloggers who have done deep research on remedies for writer’s block. If you have an outline with you, you may easily trace the flow of your story without worrying what you’re going to write next.


Lastly, keep your words simple. Remember what we said earlier? Do not try to impress your readers. Use words that are easy to understand. By doing that, the message you are trying to tell to your readers will be easily and effectively understood by them.


Say goodbye to your writer’s block! Start these easy tips for blogging now. Hope they are of great help to you.


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