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How Do I Get to Page One of Google?


“How do I get to page one of Google?”


This is probably one of the most asked questions people and businesses starting to embark on SEO ask themselves or their hired SEO companies. While the answer to this question cannot be answered by a single statement alone, companies believe that a website can get on the first page of Google by implementing a number of things.



Google consistentlychanges the way it ranks websites thus the algorithm updates.It can identify whether a website is spamming its way to the top or implementing other black hat SEO tactics.Because of this, old tactics that simply manipulate results no longer work, making SEO a much more difficult process than what it used to be.


But getting on to the first page of Google’s search results is not an impossible task. There are actually a lot of legitimate and effective ways for your website to get there but it will take a lot of time. Sadly, a lot of people are buying the idea that a website can reach the first page of Google within hours through SEO. It can only happen when something viral, such as a very funny picture, an interesting article or video, or a cool website, has spread on the Internet.


So don’t even bother clicking ads promising to get you on the first page of Google in a matter of hours because true SEO takes a lot of time, even months –sometimes years, to start actually seeing results. The only way I can think of how a website could get on the first page of Google is if you have a VERY unique keyword you’re optimizing your website for. But if you have a business that every other city in your country has, then there would be keyword competition there.


But as I have mentioned earlier, it is not impossible. We have listed here a few things to put you on the right track to landing on page one of Google. This is a safe, effective, and cost-effective way to up your rankings.


Build Legitimate Links


Link building is a common SEO tactic many companies use but how do you differentiate the good and bad way of link building. One tip I can give you is that you should not, at any time, buy links for your SEO campaign. Many SEOs have done this and they do provide fast results however they are not permanent. Moreover, Google can penalize your website heavily once it finds out.


So if you want to build legitimate links, you can either email webmasters related to your niche to give you a link or write a guest post for them.


Create Original Content


Content will forever be king. Fill your website with content and information that will actually be interesting and helpful for your readers. This way, your readers will naturally share it and get syndicated to a viral extent.But what makes good content? Make sure that what you are writing on your website or on your blog is thorough, factual yet amusing, and it should be properly titled and had some media or images.


Now apart from those two tips, you have the option of using free tools that could help you manage and observe the progress of your website. Google Analytics is just one of the tools you shouldn’t forget. You can also get your website or blog listed on highly-relevant directories.


Getting on the first page of Google takes a lot of hard work, tons of great and helpful content, and qualitybacklinks. Google rewards websites that practice good SEO so make sure you never waste your time on shortcuts that could only lead to future disasters.


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