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Four Steps to Find Good SEO


Many businesses today are relying heavily on SEO as their means to market their brand or service.  There are thousands of SEO professionals around the world today and finding the right one for your business takes more than just looking at their credentials. 



Looking for SEO to work for you can be as hard as looking for a needle in a haystack. There are less painful ways to get in touch with an SEO professional. SEO Moz' Rand Fishkin offer these four great ways:


1. Ask within your social media channels.  Browse through your LinkedIn network, even your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts and look for friends or acquaintances with SEO or Internet Marketing listed in their profiles.  Make good use of your status by asking everyone if “they know anyone they can recommend?” This is not by any means a good way to hire someone off the bat, but it’s a good start in finding potential partners. Local trade meet-ups especially for SEO are also a good way of finding talent or recommendations.


Check out SEO Communities. Blogs are your best resource when you do not have SEO contacts within your immediate network.  SEO.alltop.com has an exceptional list of all the popular and important SEO sites and blogs.  Quora is also a very good resource. You can see a lot of people participating in Q&As.


SEO Forums are also a great way of finding SEO professionals.  Do not be afraid to jump in the conversations and ask.  When you do participate, make sure to be aware about how they answer questions. They should not be reflexive or offensive.  They avoid arguments and are usually open, honest and empathic. These are good traits to take note of.


2. Build a set of traits you are looking for.This is a necessary step as this will help you determine the SEO professional you’d like to work with.  Here are some of the basic qualities you should consider:


Experience – Should your preferred SEO be very skilled or a newcomer? Should they have worked for several agencies?


Geography and location – Most SEOs today aren’t just found in your area – they’re all over the world. And being out of your boundary doesn’t mean they any less great.  If they’re willing to fly out to your location to meet you, that’s well and good! But nowadays, geography doesn’t matter other than connecting in person or probably a handshake.


Company’s size – Does it matter if the SEO company you’re eying works in a big scale or runs a small operation? You might need an agency with every service built in.


Pricing – Is their pricing fair or up to par with your budget?


Timing and availability – Does the SEO company have enough manpower to start immediately?


Consider other traits to add when looking for an SEO company. You might need them to be HTML-savvy. You might also need someone who has a considerable amount of knowledge on social media. Think deeply about the things that matter to you when choosing the SEO you want to work with.


3. Create a shortlist of potential candidates.  At this point you can drill down the questions to ideas and topics that matter to you and your company.  Always get references, but carefully get this information then contact them directly for work feedback.  If you get negative feedback, this is no reason for alarm.  Check out online contributions that the SEO company has made as this is a good barometer for their online personality and knowledge. 


4. Choose wisely.Do not choose solely on price or experience as this can take your focus away on what’s really important for you and your company.  Relevant experience isn’t a necessary edge.  Sometimes the drive and the ability to work can open up great possibilities for your company SEO-wise.


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