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5 Questions to Ask If You Are Hiring an SEO


The moment you realize the need for an SEO company, how do you take action? Do you instantly call the first SEO company you see on the Internet, or do you call your friend and ask: “Who’s your SEO company?”



The plethora of SEO companies today can cause confusion for a person looking for a credible SEO firm. And to guide first time clients searching for their online marketing partner, we’ve prepared a couple of questions that they need to answer. So if you aren’t sure of what qualities and principles you need to find in an SEO firm, then engage them with a short Q&A portion.


1.       How long have you been providing SEO services?


Building an SEO strategy does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of trial and error and analytics. So before you hire a company, ask them about their experience in the industry. This question should tell you whether they are a newbie or an experienced company.


2.       What SEO tactics do you practice?


Black hat SEO or white hat SEO? With or without social media tools? Flash video marketing, link building, or PPC? On page and off page optimization? Ask them about local SEO. Ask them these questions. Take note that they shouldn’t place too much importance on meta tags and keyword rankings.


3.       How many clients do you have and how long have they been in your management?


Whether they have served a hundred of clients or just a handful, the quantity isn’t always the most important. The more significant question to ask is how all of its clients are performing and how long have each client stayed with them.  You can ask them how many successful cases have they handed and if they can provide you with case studies. If the company was able to do what they promised its clients, even if they aren’t exactly on the first spot of Google, then it’s a good sign.


4.       Do you guarantee rankings?


If they answer yes, you better have a good follow up question for them because the answer should only be “no.” Nobody and no company can ever guarantee rankings. If the available packages of the company you are considering include number 1 rankings, then politely decline. Good SEO does not only include good keyword rankings, they also entail other factors.


5.       How often do you give reports?

The reports you will receive should not only be graphs and heavy images but also with texts and explanations of what is on the graph. Another important thing you need to think about is performance reports. Ask for performance reports as these should tell you how your website performs throughout the span of the campaign. It will help you identify whether your website has improved at all or not. These are usually given at a monthly or quarterly basis.


Asking SEO firms these questions should give you the right amount of information to help you find the perfect company for you. Various companies may or may not have the same answers but you should use these as a guide. In time, you will find an SEO firm that suits your needs. 


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