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Facebook Social Marketing Success for Small Business


With all the online social networking sites small businesses can use today, it’s not difficult to join the bandwagon. But small businesses are not joining these social networking sites because of the current hype, it’s because there really is a proven profitable return on investment. And one of the most highly preferred social networking sites is Facebook.



Facebook, which started in February 2004, has gained almost 1 billion users in the span of 8 years. With 901 million active users every month at the end of March 2012, it’s a shame to let a portion of that amount of people and potential customers escape from your small business. Over the years, it has become an important and useful tool on giving businesses leverage and creating a strong Internet presence.


Although Facebook has been here for a long time, you do not need to be intimidated. Whether you are starting your small business or have an established company, launching a marketing campaign on Facebook is manageable and possible!


We’ve compiled a few tips that could help you gain some ground and help you establish, improve, and maintain your Facebook social marketing campaign. Some of these marketing tactics are used by big companies all around the world yet they are that simple enough to be implemented, yielding favourable results.


1. Check whether your chosen vanity URL is available.



Having your own vanity URL on Facebook is a good decision to make in terms of branding your company. However, the problem with this is that sometimes, the vanity URL you are wishing for might have already been taken. Settle with a vanity URL that has your business name and is easy to remember.


2. Convert friends into fans.


Before you even start asking your friends to like your Business page, make sure it is already completed. Convert your friends by sending them a private message, announcing it on your wall, and even creating gimmicks to increase the number of your likes.


3. Setup the “Welcome” and “Contact Us” tabs immediately.


These two are important pages of your business fan page. Mashable explained the use of these two pages:


·         “A Welcome Page: This should be the default landing page that welcomes a user to an application. Typically, these pages are fan-gated, meaning the person is asked to “like” the page to unveil more content.

·         A Contact Us Page: This is a great and useful tool for converting your fans into potential sales leads.”


Setting these pages make your customers land on an informative page instead of your wall.


4. Engage your fans.


“The secret to a successful Facebook page is a highly engaged community,” according to JohnHaydon.com. So how could you make your Facebook page an engaging community to your fans? Some of the things you can do is ask open ended questions, share exclusive content, share a variety of content, prompt a response, be brief, be interesting, and be human. You can also ask them to post their photos on your wall to engage your customers. You may also hold contests.


5. Try adding a QR code.


QR codes are part of a marketing strategy. Customizing and setting up your QR code is easy and quick thanks to Facebook. This is an effective strategy you can use for your business. Through QR codes, you can increase your customers’ excitement since they will be curious about what information the QR code is hiding. Use this for special promos or a redirect to your website for more information.


6. Use the “Promote” button on your Facebook business page.


The “Promote” button on Facebook is a new feature that aims to help businesses promote their posts by letting it reach its immediate fans and its friends for a fee that fits your budget. Learn more about it on Facebook’s Promote Page.


Setting up your Facebook Business Page is a free service which you can have great returns on your investment. Follow these few tips for social marketing success on Facebook.


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