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Facebook Officially Connects 1 Billion Users Worldwide


It is official. Facebook now has more than a billion active users since October 4. Announced by Mr. Zuckerberg himself on his own Facebook page, the CEO and founder said that it was a humbling experience.



The company has proven itself to the rest of the world that it is still growing even after crossing the half billion mark just two years and three months ago. And just last April, it had 900 million users. This milestone will certainly be a testimony of the whole Facebook team’s hard work and now, they have to ensure that their social networking website stays on track.


Like many other social networking sites before Facebook, some have already reached a slump and cannot get over the obstacle, leaving them to take the option of changing its format or closing down their site altogether. Let’s not hope that the same happens for Facebook.


Facebook Changed


From its simple beginnings, Facebook has definitely changed but was it for the better. After privacy issues came out, many people started to become weary of how Facebook treats their user’s information. Not only that, its new feature, “Promote Post” is starting to get a lot of criticism from users. Do you really need to pay to get your post of top of your friends’ new feeds?


Although this is a revenue generating feature for the company that some businesses can actually use, I suggest they only make this feature to people or companies who might be interested in it and not on personal pages.


If Facebook keeps on making wrong moves in the future, that 1 billion is bound to move backward soon. But so far, congratulations to the whole Facebook team for reaching the 1 billion mark. I guess that’s just 6 billion more to go.


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