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Directory Webmasters Ask for Money in Return for Removing Links


Do you remember the first time Google sent out notifications of unnatural links pointing to your website? It was in July 2011 when it all started and at that time, it meant having an impending penalty from Google. Because of this, many webmasters and SEOs have become concerned with these notifications that removing unnatural links soon because a craze.


Recently, Google sent these notifications to more webmasters. Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam division said you might also receive the message “when we distrust some individual links to a site.” This is supposedly to make things a lot more transparent. Barry Schwartz from SERoundtable.com, however, says it’s confusing.


In light of these recent events, webmasters have something else to worry about. Various content directory webmasters have been sending emails to other webmasters asking for a link removal fee in return for removing a business’ link from their directories.


Here’s one sample letter obtained by Searchengineland.com.



Apart from this, there are also many people who’ve posted about it on various Google forums.


There has been no word from Google about it yet though hopefully, the search engine giant acts upon these opportunists.


If you were to receive such as letter, would you consider paying a link removal fee from their directories?  Ultimately, the final decision is in your hands - whether to pay for a fee or to consider other available options.


We hope we are able to update you soon regarding this issue. Stay tuned to Buzz Outsource!


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