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Cutts: NoFollow Links Won’t Hurt You Unless...


Trying to create more links to your site? Are you commenting on every relevant blog site you see in order to drive traffic to your site? On a small scale, adding NoFollow links to your site won’t do any harm however doing it on a large and even spammy way can get you in trouble with Google.



In a recent video Matt Cutts, Google’s head of web spam, answered a question from Tubby Timmy, UK, asking:


“I’m building links, not for SEO but to try and generate direct traffic, if these links are no-follow am I safe from getting any Google penalties? Ask another way, can no-follow links hurt my site?”


Cutts answered: ”Typically, links that are nofollowed can’t hurt your rankings in Google.”


Despite that straightforward answer of Matt Cutts, he did add and explain a situation wherein these nofollow links can harm your site. If you are mass spamming at a large scale, then Google might take manual action on your links in order to discourage you from further spamming, even though they are nofollow type of links.


He also adds:


“For the most part, nofollow links are dropped out of our link graph as we are crawling the web, and so those links that are nofollow should not affect you from an algorithmic point of view.”


If you want to watch the whole video from Matt Cutts, here’s the link.


When building traffic or creating an audience for your website, make sure you do it through White Hat strategies while following Google’s guidelines for SEO. Make sure that your links are nofollow to avoid receiving penalties from Google.


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