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Connect Your Website to These Important Social Media Icons


Advertising your website on the Internet is often cheap and can be done by business owners themselves. Although there are other forms of marketing and advertising webmasters can use such as Pay-per-Click or search engine optimisation, there is one option that is relatively cheap yet effective and this is social media.



Almost everything that needs to be out there is on social media. Established companies have profile pages on Facebook, Google+, and even some even have Twitter and blogs. Representing your business online is as important as being visible in the real world. The only difference is you can connect more and interact with possible customers from across the globe.


Having a website is one thing and the second task you need to achieve is making it seen. If off-page SEO does not seem to be an option at the moment, we strongly suggest that you not skip out on using social media as a tool to advertise your business and be seen. Equip your website with the best social media icons that are widely used today. Having these social media icons will instantly connect you to the social media world and make it easier for your loyal fans and customers to share their love for your business.


Facebook Icon


The Facebook icon is easy to find and use. Of course before you can use this, make sure you have already set up a Facebook Fan page for your website wherein customers can hit the Like button of your page. Facebook is the largest social media networking site with more than a billion registered users so this means that it is highly possible that your target customers and loyal customers are using this social media site. Facebook alone is enough to give your business a bit of boost in sales if marketing is done correctly. Add the Facebook logo in a strategic location on your website such as near photos of your products, the homepage, and on the contact page.


Google+ Icon


Google+ is sort of Google’s version of Facebook. Joining Google+ is good for your website search engine optimisation as it makes it more visible for Google to see. The more +1s for your website, the better. Make sure you already have a Google+ business page before you use this icon. There are a number of icons such as Follow Us icons, badges, and of course the +1 button which can also be added anywhere on your website.


Twitter Icon


Twitter is a microblogging site that can give your company or business a more personal vibe. Following your customers is a way for them to know that you exist on Twitter. You can also use Twitter to communicate with your followers in a cheap yet fast way. The form of marketing you can get from Twitter is very direct. Launch some contests and promos through Twitter to gain more followers.


Instagram Icon


If your business is a restaurant or an online store, then Instagram is a great social media tool you can use to engage your customers. Post photos of your products, launch special contests, and promote the use of hashtags to let other customers known about your online business. People who have used your products or have been to your restaurant can post their photos on Instagram which you can comment on to make it interactive.


LinkedIn Icon


A LikedIn icon is great for businesses that often work with other professionals from different fields. This gives customers a glance of your company which includes your company’s profile, location, logo, number of employees, and recommendations from other professionals. These are also available in badges and icons.


Apart from these, it is also a good idea to have the RSS button or icon on your website so customers without social media can be updated from time to time with new content or news about your business.Social media is a free tool and can be very effective when used and practiced effectively. Make sure your business website is connected to the social world for a meaningful and fruitful life online.


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