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Building Links? Here are 50 Things You Need to Know


Link building has and still is an important part of any online marketing campaign. And doing it is no joke. It can take a lot of your time and resources, and can almost be considered a tedious task. And with all the updates and algorithm changes Google is implementing, many people have become cautious of their link building practices and have tried to amend them according to Google’s updates.



Whether you are a new comer or an experienced link builder, there are a lot of things you need to be aware of. We’ve picked up an article from Mashable.com enumerating the 50+ Things Every Link Builder Needs To Know. According to this post by Julie Joyce, link building searching for good link builders should at least know most of the 50+ items she enumerated.


So if you think you’re a credible link builder who has coped with the recent changes, then let’s see if you know most of these crucial info every link builder needs to know.


1.  Why Links Matter

2.  HTML Code For Text & Image Links

3.  How To Read A Robots.txt File

4.  How To Check For Robots Blocking Outside Of The Robots.txt File

5.  How To Use WordPress

6.  How To Do A Link Audit

7.  Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

8.  How To Do A Basic Link Check In Various Tools

9.  How To Analyze Anchor Text

10.  How To Do Competitive Analysis

11.  How To Negotiate A Link

12.  How To Keep Up With Algorithm Updates

13.  How To Use Google Alerts

14.  How To Use Some Form Of Web Analytics

15.  How To Use Google’s Webmaster Tools

16.  What Makes A Link A Bad/Spammy Link

17. How To Tell If Code Is Invalid

18.  How To Check Redirects & Why They Matter

19.  How To Remove A Page That Has Lots Of Inbound Links

20.  Recent Link Smack Downs

21.  Alternative Engines To Google

22.  Crazy Methods For Discovery

23.  How To Use Social Media For Discovery

24.  How To Guest Post

25.  How To Analyze A Site In 5 minutes

26.  How To Find Contact Information If It’s Not Listed

27.  How To Check For Social Signals

28.  TBPR (Toolbar PageRank) Is Different From Actual PR (PageRank)

29. What Link Juice Is

30.  What Page Rank Sculpting Is

31.  How To Optimize Internal Links

32.  Ways Of Identifying A No Followed Link

34.  How To Write Well & Not Just Well Enough

35.  How To Find Your Influencers

36.  How To Tell If A Link Is Giving You Traffic

37.  How To Find Dead Links To Your Site

38.  How To Find Mentions That Don’t Yet Link To You

39.  What A Bad Link Neighbourhood Is

40.  What Link Spikes Are & Why They Can Be Worrisome

41.  How To Be Suspicious Of A Site Or A Link

42. You Need To Actually Read The Content Of A Site

43. What Markov Content Is

44.  How To Check For DuplicateContent

45.  How To Figure Out If Links Are The Problem Or Something Else Is

46. How To Use Advanced Search Operators

47.  What rel=author Is & How To Implement It

48.  Why Sitewides & Footer Links Might Not Be A Good Idea

49. How To Determine Whether You Have A Lot Of Sitewides

50. What Deep Linking Is

51. What rel=canonical Is

52.  How To View Source Code

53.  How & When To Submit A Reinclusion Request


An explanation has been provided for each item on the article. This offpage tactic has a high demand in the SEO world so make sure you have enough knowledge about it to have you offer great link building services.


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