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Bing Introduces Its Own Webmaster Guidelines


While Google’s Webmaster Guidelines may already be synonyms to the Bible of how you should live life on the Internet, Bing releases a new set of guidelines. Last November 16, 2012, the Microsoft owned search engine published its own set of Webmaster guidelines that cover a range of topics they say “are intended to help your content be found and indexed on Bing.”



The Bing Webmaster Guidelines can be accessed through the “Content Guidelines” section of Bing Webmaster Tool’s Help section. Although Bing says on its announcement that their Webmaster Guidelines are broad and one should not expect to find deep and technical answers in them, they provided points regarding technical SEO, social media, content, links, and things to avoid, including cloaking, link schemes, meta refresh redirects, and duplicate content.


Another set of guidelines?


Yes it is another set of guidelines but is it really essential for the average Internet marketer to be fully aware of them? Well, as Bing said, their guidelines aren’t as comprehensive as you might think. It could possibly mean that Google’s Webmaster Guidelines might have already covered their concerns. But it doesn’t hurt to read them and keep them in mind. Bing is still rather an influential search engine.


Free Webinars


Bing also announced on their blog that they will be hosting a few free webinars called Bing Webmaster Webinars starting this November 28 to February 21. And if you weren’t able to attend any seminar, Bing will be recording their webinars and will be posted on their blog for free. For a list of their webinars, click here.


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