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Web Design and Development: Creating Websites That Truly Speak For Your Business


Advertising and promoting businesses online is primarily conducted through the use of a website. According to a survey recently conducted by Netcraft, a company based in Bath, England, there were about 633,706,564 websites as of December, 2012. With that many websites, how can a business, starting in the online world of marketing, possible stand out?





There are many web design and development companies that offer instant websites with a two-day turnaround time that business owners can consider. Website templates would be a great solution for businesses needing an online representation immediately but for people who need websites that perfectly carry their brand and personality; this may not be the way to go.



Websites made from templates tend to give a uniform look without spaces for creativity and personality. Custom-made websites are not an option with these kinds of companies since they do not have access to professional web design and development experts who can produce websites according to a client’s needs. For business owners, this could lead to having generic looking websites that does not fully encompass you brand and company. Apart from that, losing prospects through your website has a high probability.



Your website has only 8 seconds to impress visitors. The first look they have on your website can make them stay or leave. Make good use of those 8 seconds by having a customized website that piques the interest of your customers and fulfils its purpose of attracting leads to your business.



Websites should have a combination of artistic flair and user-friendly functionalities to prevent intimidation among your users. Your website design should be able to capture the look and feel of your company to create an online presence that stands out from the rest. With regards to website development, your chosen company must use the latest techniques and PHP codes in developing your website to keep it accessible and functional at all times – no matter how many various browser updates happen.



Having constant return visitors on your website is a benchmark of success for any good web design. It must act as an open portal that anyone on the Internet should be able to access. Don’t let your customers stop dead on their tracks because of your website. If there’s anything you need to invest on in your online business, your website should be first in that list.



Buzz Outsource is a premier web services outsourcing company that specializes in web design and online marketing. We help customers achieve websites that not only give visual appeal but also converts your visitors into responsive customers. Contact us to start producing sales or subscribers for your business.


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