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Top 10 Countries Spending on Digital Ads



Is your company already doing PPC, SEO, and Facebook and Twitter ads to boost your sales? Have you created various social media accounts to improve visibility to your customers and have even paid for FB Likes and Twitter followers?



Just like your company, others have considered online ads as a valuable part of their marketing strategy to increase sales, generate leads, and to have a stronger presence on the Internet. If you think your company is already spending much on online advertising, wait till you read about today’s top 10 list.



Market-research company eMarketer has gathered data to find the home of digital advertisers among different countries around the world. And on top of that list is Norway with Internet users spending $209 each.



Here’s a visual representation of the data gathered by online-statistics portal Statista.



Photo from Mashable.com



While it may be surprising that the Scandinavian country of Norway to lead the group, the United States of America comes second with $201 per person,while our beloved UK ranks 7th with £118 on digital ads per person.



Apart from digital ads, what other forms of offline and online marketing do you think are important today? Do they complement each other or can you only use one? Tell us about what you think.


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