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Google Penguin 1.1 is Out


After weeks of speculations from many webmasters, the Google Penguin 1.1 update is now officially live. 


Picture from Patricia Pires de Silva from Flickr.


Google’s Matt Cutts made a broadcast via Twitter saying that the Penguin update is a “data refresh” that will only impact English-language searches with less than one-tenth of a percent.


“Minor weather report: We pushed 1st Penguin algo data refresh an hour ago. Affects <0.1% of English searches. Context: goo.gl/4f7Pq,” tweets Matt Cutts on last May 26, 2012.


According to Google, they describe the Penguin Update as an algorithm change aimed to fight webspam as well as “websites that we believe are violating Google’s quality guidelines."


There has been a lot of complaints and talks about the Google Penguin updates in the Google Webmaster Help forums. Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineLand said that he was told by Google, “I think 'over-optimization' wasn't the best description, because it blurred the distinction between white hat SEO and webspam. This change is targeted at webspam, not SEO, and we tried to make that fact more clear in the blog post.”


Many small business owners and even SEOs trust less and less on Google. According to Barry Schwartz poll, only 14% trust Google over 500 responses.


With the way Google is handling searches, how would it affect small businesses and individuals trying to build quality websites. I guess we just have to stay tuned for further updates regarding the Google Penguin updates. Despite that, I hope everyone who was affected by the first launch of Penguin in April 24, 2012 has recovered.


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