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Blogging For Local SEO


Many local businessmen have tried their hand at SEO but don’t really get the results they want. These people often try to look for a quick fix to their ranking problems but after trying one solution to another, nothing seems to change or worse, the strategies have put them in a bad light with Google. But have you ever tried blogging your way to success?



Blogging just might be your secret weapon


In a recent article, entitled “Can Blogging Be Your Secret Weapon For Local SEO?” written by Chris Silver Smith on SearchEngineLand.com, he said that blogging might be the secret weapon of local businesses. 


According to him, blogging can give businesses an extra boost when all of the typical search engine optimization tactics have been used such as on-page and off-page optimization of their web site, optimization of business profiles on Facebook and Google+, and gathering customer reviews and more.


Through blogging, you can be the top dog in your business.  However, there is no shortcut to achieving blogging success and eventually achieving top ranks for your business locally.  He enumerated some of the basic advantages of blogging for local SEO.


·         Blogging gives you a platform for generating timely and unique content.  Hopefully this can seduce some of Google’s algorithms that love fresh content.


·         Blogging can also attract an audience you may interact with.  You can gather a following of faithful followers and subscribers.  User interaction is possible with blogging.


·         By blogging, you can have a personal voice and personality.  This way, your readers won’t see you as a robot trying to make a website engaging and fun.


·         Another thing is that with the blog, you will have a solid bedrock for improving your social media presence.  Your business blog is the perfect channel to feed content to your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. 


·         Moreover you can use your blog as a tool to encourage other and readers and enthusiasts to participate through commentary pieces.  You can also invite them to post a guest to blog on your site.  You should you should give me the other experts in the industry as well.


Despite these advantages and benefits of blogging for your business, hard work is still necessary and the results will vary.


Whether you will be personally writing content on your blog or through an SEO company, there are a few things you have to remember to make it a success.  Chris Smith has more advice and tips on the topic that you can read on SearchEngineLand’s web site.


Simply optimizing your website for SEO is not enough.  You need to have a multiple number of channels to engage users and participate in your activities.  A blog is just one of the many ways you can use to your advantage without getting any penalties as long as you keep the original and sincere.


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