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Five Ways To Connect With Customers Through Video


Videos are a powerful means to connect with audiences. Many businesses are realizing the influence it has over viewers, but sadly, most of them do not understand the full potential videos can bring when it is combined with your marketing efforts. Search Engine Watch offers five ways businesses can use video for their advantage:


Videos are effective in engaging your customers. How do you use video's for your business?


1. Acknowledge audiences

A tool called Vsnap is not only using video to demonstrate the capabilities of the product but also a tool to connect with customers. Vsnap is a short video messaging service and whenever a user follows them on Twitter, Vsnap community manager Trish Fontanilla sends them a video message. She also does this when one community member is having a bad day or she jumps in and says hello at conversations where Vsnap is mentioned.  


Enriching customer support with video not only makes it very personal, it lets the customer feel that you are genuine and sincere to help.  It may not always be best to send videos every time. You can send video thank yous for every 10th customer or probably thanking them for attending your event.


2. Use video to provoke

A poem on bullying may be rousing and emotionally touching when read but what if it was set on video? One good example is Shane Koyczan’s video on bullying. The result was so effective the message is sent clear and impactful. Video has the power to provoke. It can make people experience emotions they otherwise wouldn’t feel on paper. 


3. Tell a story through video

Customers nowadays are interested in knowing more about the brand they’re passionate about. It helps by telling your backstory through video. This can be a great way of telling them how you started, who your team members are, what are your company vision is.  Telling your brand story through video works. It’s the same as the extra footage you find in movies. More video about your brand makes you interesting and engaging.


4. Simplify ideas

You may be engaged in a business where the majority of your target audience does not easily understand the product or service you offer. Using video to present and simplify concepts can be an entertaining and painless way to let them appreciate what you’re all about.


Video is also ideal for introducing concepts about complicated businesses like cloud computing. The key is to highlight who you are, what you do and how you can benefit them. Remember to simplify your message or purpose to make them feel less intimidated.


5. Entertain through video

While sales videos can be informative, your audience might not appreciate it.  Create something that they will love and enjoy as well as share it to other people.  Customer’s time is highly valuable and attention spans are shrinking more than ever. Think of creating something informative and entertaining (or just entertaining) to make sure your brand is on your customer’s mind while leaving them with a great brand impression.


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