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5 Basic Must-Have Outsourcing Tools


The times have changed and outsourcing is no longer a thing that only the Fortune 500 companies can do. Now, even small to medium sized businesses can outsource certain tasks to one of the top outsourcing countries available, such as the Philippines.



Many people have already tried outsourcing to countries like the Philippines because of its top selling point, its strong command of the English language. Many Filipinos have the capability to speak and understand English due to almost 50 years of American rule. English is one of the official languages of the Philippines while its educational institutions all use English as a medium of communication. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about instructions getting lost in translation.


If you have plans of outsourcing to the Philippines and to other countries, then make sure you have some of the basic and must-have tools for a smooth outsourcing experience. We here at BuzzOutsource.com have 5 must-have tools for outsourcing that we highly recommend to every business owner who wants to try outsourcing services.


1. Dropbox


Want a secure way of transferring large files of photographs, videos, PDFs, and whatnot? Are you tired of using P2P file sharing programs, and email to transfer files? Then Dropbox might just be the product you are looking for. Dropbox is a file hosting service that allows you to drag and drop files to a special folder in your account and sync it across all platforms that has access to that folder.


Dropbox uses cloud technology to make it all happen. Anyone can make a free account with 2GB of space included. It also offers team or business accounts for a special price.


2. TeamViewer


If you are keen on keeping an eye on your offshore team’s work at anytime of the day, or you need to conduct meetings with another computer, you can use TeamViewer. This is a great way to have remote control and access to your staff’s computers. This could serve as an overall solution for everything such as file transfer, remote administration, online status display, while still providing high security. It can even work with just your browser.


3. BasecampHQ


If you are on a budget and needs a robust and effective project management system, then you might want to consider Basecamp. It allows users to assign tasks, track them, upload files, and store training materials. It has a friendly interface which makes it easier to use.


4. Google Drive


From Google Docs comes Google Drive, a Google product that allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, and others with your web browser. It is a file and synchronization service which gives users the power to file sharing, collaborative editing, and cloud technology. As a business outsourcing to offshore offices, you can use this to share important documents, keep their security, and enjoy editing at the same time.


5. Skype or other messaging systems


Apart from these tools, of course you need a basic messaging system such as email or chatting applications such as Skype or Yahoo! Messenger to facilitate day to day communication. A flawless and efficient communication systems through chat or calls with your virtual assistants and staff is a top priority you should secure when deciding to outsource tasks.


Whether you have short term or long term projects with your outsourcing team, you can make use of these basic, must-have tools. But if you need a company that can provide all the things you need, BuzzOutsource is here. We have the all the tools to get the job done. Outsource with us today.


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