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4 Ways – Get Panda-proofed Today


In an effort to curb outlawed SEO practices, Google released its deadliest algorithm update and it was named Panda.  Its effects were felt by numerous websites that didn’t heed the Panda’s stern warnings.


If you know your website is guilty of dark practices but haven’t been hit yet, now is the perfect time to please the Panda and correct flaws before your hard work evaporates.  Ken Lyons offer the following tips to Panda-proof your website when the next update comes around.





1.    Get rid of duplicate content


You may not know it now, but your website might have some nasty Easter eggs in the form of duplicate content.  The new update penalizes websites heavily when this is found.  Luckily there are great ways to eradicate this. 


Suggestions on fixing duplicate content include: meta directives, canonical tags, 301 redirects, block pages with robot.txt, physically remove URLs with Webmaster Tools and using preferred domain in Webmaster Tools.

2.    Low quality content, no go.


Content is king and with the Panda update it wants to make content good. One way to determine pages with low quality content is user engagement.  Using Google Analytics, check for page visits, page views, stickiness, and bounce rates.


It is advisable for site masters to delete pages with low user engagement signals, consolidate content of pages with thin content and adding internal links that point to high-quality content in your website.



3.    Make content “meatier”


Taking into account Panda’s golden mantra above, it’s becoming evident that Google hates thin content.  If you have essential content that seems thin but you can’t let go of, consider improving its content.


Treat each page of content as a rich resource of original writing that has the intention of providing useful information.  You can also add user reviews on your page or add images and videos.  When done right, improved content pages get better visibilities on the SERPs for a very long time.



4.    Content with great quality wins


One of Google’s mantra now is for websites to posses content that “you can send to your child to learn something.” Your website must have highly informative and easy to understand content.  In order for you to do that, you’ll need experts to write content for you based on your industry.


Craiglist is a great resource for industry-expert writers.  Reach out to publication writers who do freelance writing work. You can also tap into your own team to provide very relevant content. Getting topic experts to write for you raises your content’s perceived value and may be an influential ranking factor when Author Rank sets in.


Via Search Engine Watch



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