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4 Essential Tips to a Successful Guest Blog Post Pitch


Today, guest post blogging is considered as one of the most beneficial tactics that improve the authority of your site, increase traffic, and drastically widen its exposure. However, many SEOs and online marketing companies have tried to abuse this tactic making it difficult for passionate bloggers to get noticed by authoritative blogs in various industries.



Moreover, some genuine bloggers have difficulty getting through webmasters. It may be because of their approach, which can get them mixed with spammers’. Also, terrible outreach or a lack of etiquette can automatically get your pitch thrown away. To help you on the right track of guest blog posting, here are four essential tips you should keep in mind.


1.     Get personalized

According to a blog article at seomoz.com, the biggest mistake seen among people who try to reach webmasters is their lack of personalization. Many of these people think that the outreach process is an impersonalized one. Because of this, it can become an instant factor for sending your pitch email straight to the trash bin.


To avoid this, it would be a great idea to use the webmaster’s name instead of simply referring to him as “admin.” Truly getting to know the blogger, their habits, and blogging interests would help you create a better relationship. This should also give them the impression of your genuine purpose for contacting them.


2.     Show a little effort

Show a little effort to your target bloggers by following their blogs, making a few comments on some of their posts, and taking some time in trying to make a connection with them. Re-tweeting and re-blogging their posts are just some of the ways to do so. This can reciprocate similar acts in the future.


Through this, you are also proving a personal touch to your online persona. This will help them identify whether you’re just another copywriter or spammer trying to accomplish a marketing task for the day. After some time, you might find yourself making a successful guest post pitch.


3.     Make it short, sweet, and simple with no bluffs

Reaching out to your chosen blog webmaster doesn’t necessarily entail writing blocks of paragraphs. All it really needs is a simple, clean, short, and direct to the point pitch. Webmasters surely have enough to do in a day and reading a long email can only waste their time.


4.     Introduce yourself

Don’t be a ghost sending emails and guest post pitches to webmasters. Bloggers like to socialize with fellow bloggers, genuine readers, and others with a common interest. You can easily reveal your identity through Google authorship and through social networking sites such as Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Of course, you should be active on these websites to avoid giving bloggers the idea that your social media accounts were only made for a specific purpose.


Don't forget that etting accepted as a guest blogger will come with responsibilities. Make sure you write good quality content that both your readers and your host's readers will enjoy.


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