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3 Useful Formats for Writing Evergreen Content



Maintaining a blog for your website can often entail a lot of decision making when it comes to the topics to write about.  Whether it’s a news article about your business, a recent event, or a piece of interesting trivia, writing for your blog means creating content that can engage and spark interest among your readers.  So have you ever heard of evergreen content?



So what is evergreen content?


As an individual in the content business, you should know the meaning of evergreen content.  As the word suggests, evergreen content means writing about topics that would still hold true from the moment it was written until 10 or more years to come.  This basically means writing about topics that are perpetually true no matter when it will be read.


Writing this kind of content is powerful for building a brand, a business, and even an audience.  It could be used as a foundation for an overall blog content strategy that can help you increase traffic, improve brand growth, and eventually help you get recognized as an authority in your industry.  But how can you create evergreen content?


Creating perpetually relevant content for your blog is not difficult and can even be written by kids in grade school.  It’s just a matter of finding the right topic that fits your industry or business.  So to help you create evergreen content for your blog, we have written here three formats you can choose from.


1.       Write about Frequently Asked Questions: Writing about frequently asked questions are both helpful and perpetually timely.  A newcomer in your industry will find a list of questions with a set of answers helpful and less time consuming than searching on the Internet and browsing through various websites for the answers.  You can also make this as important part of your evergreen content campaign.


2.       Consider tutorials and how-to guides: Learning how to cook a certain dish, to solve a math problem, or how to tie shoelaces will probably stay the same no matter how many years pass by.  Therefore writing about process-based documentation is a great idea for evergreen content.


3.       Definition of terms: What is SEO?  What is conversion rate optimization?  You can never go wrong if you write about jargon phrases and common acronyms in your industry as an evergreen content topic.  The definitions of words are unlikely to change so your blog would benefit from it over a long period of time.


But of course, these are not the only formats you can choose from.  You can also write about unchanging stances on various issues within your industry or resource lists.  Writing about evergreen content doesn’t end with clicking the publish button.  You have to make sure that it won’t get for it on your blog and that it gets regularly updated.  This will help keep your article alive throughout your SEO efforts.


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