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2013 Roundup of Google April Fools’ Pranks


What’s Google up under their sleeves this April Fools’ Day? Well apparently, a lot! The company, known for its loose working culture is trying to keep it alive through April Fools’ Day. According to Steve Levy’s book about Google, it’s “the high holy day of Google culture.” The company rolled out fifteen pranks!

While the ideas where all whimsical, nothing was whimsical about its production stages. Their pranks involved a lot of coordination and preparation. If you were to check the prank videos themselves, you’ll see why!


YouTube Contest for the Best Video


Google’s taking down YouTube, with a bang. YouTube announced that they will have a contest in search for the best video in the world and entries will only be accepted till April 1st. Everything on YouTube will be deleted and the website will only come back on April 2023. That’s a decade without YouTube!


Watch the Google’s Contest for the Best Video.


Google Nose BETA


In April 1, 2013, Google launched its BETA product, Google Nose. According to Google, this will further improve the experience of users that are searching for something that can’t be sensed by the other senses. Through this product, you should be able to smell actual scents you are looking for. Discover what else you can experience with Google Nose BETA on this video.


Treasure Hunt on Google Maps


Feeling adventurous? Go to Google Maps and click ‘Treasure’ over at top right side of the page. The video explains the history of Google Maps’ Treasure hunt. Watch it here. Google says beware of pirates while you search for Captain William Kidd’s lost treasure!


Google+ Emotion+



When the picture fails to send a thousand words, maybe adding emotions would work. This is what Google+ Emotion+ is all about!


Levity Algorithm


Spice up things at boring work with the Google Levity Algorithm. Whether you are making slide presentations, memorandums, or whatnot, the Levity algo can help make it more interesting for you and your audience. Learn more about how it works on this video.




Why did this only come now? Google introduced Gmail Blue, a blue Gmail. Yes! Everything is blue. The buttons are blue, the text fonts are in blue, and the whole Gmail product is in blue! They said they tried it with different colours but nothing was like blue. Learn how you can have Gmail Blue here.




Give your home a complete makeover with Google SCHMICK (Simple Complete House Makeover Internet Conversion Kit). It’s a free and instant way to change the way your tired and boring home looks like. Google Australia has got this covered.


Google Japanese Input Patapata Version


Another Google branch has set out with their own prank for its native audience. Google Japan released a video featuring their newest product, the Japanese Input Patapata version. Now, you don’t have to type a million other characters to type a single word. Here’s Google Japan’s prank video.


Google certainly isn’t a boring company no matter how big it gets. Wonder what jokes and gimmicks they are going to have as the year passes by. 


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