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12 Important YouTube Ranking Factors


Let’s face it. YouTube videos are an important part of today’s social media ecosystem. With more than 800 million unique users each month and known as the second most popular search engine today, YouTube is an influential tool whether for business, advertising, and others.



In light of this, we would like to share with you a video from SEOmoz.com’s Whiteboard Friday about the YouTube ranking factors you need to know about.


Jeff McRitchie shares some of the most crucial YouTube ranking factors that significantly affect the performance of your videos on YT.


Basically, he says that there are 12 ranking factors that can be divided into two: content and the other is engagement. On the content side, there are six factors you need to give attention:


1.     Title

2.     Description

3.     Tags

4.     Transcription

5.     Channel authority

6.     Delivery


On the side of engagement, you have to look out for the following:


1.     Views / Attention

2.     Inbound Links

3.     Social Shares

4.     Embeds

5.     Comments / Video Responses

6.     Likes / Favorites


This are basically the 12 factors mentioned. You can watch the video YouTube Ranking Factors on SEOMoz.com. 


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