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10 Online Reputation Management Tips


Is online reputation management a new word for you? If we were to go back to the 80s, this would be a completely unimaginable idea. But due to the widespread use of the Internet and how it has created a shift in many things we do, reputation management is now a word every business should be aware of.



Online reputation management can mean a lot of this but for the sake of this article, we’ll be discussing 10 tips on how to improve your online reputation and how you should manage it from time to time. Think of this list as a short resource of tools and techniques to consider crucial in today’s marketing ways.


1. Get social and out there

Get your business on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Quora, and other social sites that allow you to connect to users, fans of your products, and possible future customers. Through these social media websites, customers can send comments, suggestions, and feedback to help you improve your company. You can also use these to promote your own business.


2. Write a blog

Writing a blog about your industry and sharing a number of expert techniques and information to your readers will help create authority to your business. Just make sure that your reader gets useful information that is relevant to them and at the same time, your business.


3. Buy a relevant domain name

Ideally, every business should have their brand name as their domain name. YourBrand.com is the template and if the extension .com is taken, try .net or .org or try another domain name that still represents your brand. Just keep it short and simple.


4. Practice white hat SEO

Black hat SEO can put you up the number one spot in an instant but can also pull you down with just a snap. Google has been very strict with websites performing black hat SEO which is why you should avoid it at all costs. Don’t bother buying links, spamming, and trying other black hat techniques because it’ll only put you in a much worse position.


5. Build relationships with the pros

Use your social media websites and blog to connect with like people in your industry. Expose yourself to industry experts, react to them, comment on their blogs, and try to engage them. This is one way of improving your authority in your industry.


6. Manage testimonials and comments

Don’t leave positive comments unnoticed and most importantly, never shun a flaming comment from a customer. Managing your online reputation means thinking of what to stay and what to do with these kinds of comments or testimonials.


7. Promote your own content

Make sure that everything you do gets noticed. Have your blogs posted on your social networking sites, tweet about them, post them on Facebook, and others. Good content makes money so make sure you advertise them to get people to notice them.


8. Try guest blogging

Increase your reach even further by guest blogging. Now don’t go sending precious content to dodgy websites that are just there for link building. Instead, target the well-establishes, prestigious industry websites. This will provide a valuable link to you and create awareness for your business.


9. Comment on other relevant blogs

Once again, self-exposure is the key. Comment on other relevant blogs in your industry to get noticed. This is also a way to get bits of tiny content out there with your name on it. Just make sure that you don’t comment on every blog you see. Comment on those posts that really got you interested.


10.  Remember, once it’s out, it’s out there forever

Although a lot of social media tools have a delete button available for us, there is also the PrintScreen function to make online mistakes timeless. So to be sure, double check your Tweets, posts on Facebook, and especially your blogs for grammatical mistakes and what not. Don’t go posting photos or anything offensive to other people, as well. Take care when posting something online.


This is just a small guide compared to all the other articles out there but this should be enough to get you started on your social media takeover. Good luck with these tips!


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