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10 Mobile Apps For Improving Productivity


Looking to make the most out of your phone and turn it into a hard worker like you? Mashable has rounded up the best apps to improve your productivity. These are able to do simple tasks like putting together a to-do-list as well as complex ones like getting remote access to your work PC.


10 mobile apps for improving productivity


Take a look at these apps and try them out on your smartphone. 


1. Wunderlist 

Wunderlist cloud-based app efficiently manages daily tasks with features like a to-do-list, setting reminders, writing notes and sharing events.  It syncs information across your devices as well.


2. Genius Scan 

This app lets you scan any document and turns it into PDF.  Handwritten notes or items seen outside the office can benefit greatly from this app.


3. Cloud Storage Apps 

Forgot important files to bring for a big meeting? Cloud storage lets you avoid this pitfall. It’s always best to sync here so you have access to them anywhere there’s an internet connection. The top three Cloud Storage services today – SkyDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive have smartphone apps so you can get your files whenever you need them.


4. Evernote 

Another popular app that most professionals nowadays love because of its versatility. It syncs your notes seamlessly across all your devices and it can pull audio and video files into your notes.


5. Glassboard

Glassboard is designed to be a “social network” for teams. Its completely private and members can share notes, files, videos and locations.


6. Asana 

An app that’s similar to Glassboard, Asana provides a great way for teams to work together.  This app enables team members to create shared task lists and assign action items to individuals.  Asana allows collaborators to edit in real time.


7. Adobe Edge Connect 

Are you a web designer? This is the perfect app for you.  Adobe Edge Connect allows you to preview your work on devices such as tables and smartphones.  Programmers can also benefit from Adobe Edge Connect as this allows them to adjust CSS and HTML through the app.


8. Mint 

Mint is a popular finance management platform but businesses can also benefit from its powerful features.  Record business expenses for reimbursement and list deductions in time for tax season.


9. LogMeIn 

Consider this app your PC’s remote control as it can allow you to log in to your PC.  You can also view documents and launch applications.


10. Square 

Square allows small businesses to receive mobile payments.  Using a small attachment, customers can pay for services by swiping their credit card and complete the transaction. The entire process is indicated on the phone’s screen and it will send a text message a copy of the receipt to your buyer.



Check out more informative blog articles on our blog section.  Was this article helpful to you? Do you use other apps for enhancing your productivity? Sound off and let us know today!



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